Scottish Heritage Film

This digital film archive is a unique collection of footage which captures the cultural identity of the "ordinary man and woman's account of his/her life and work from the 1890s to the 1960s. The clips and our 6 DVDs titles, allow you to connect with, and enables you to walk in the footsteps of your Scottish ancestors. This heritage archive also enjoys the highest academic and educational endorsements.

Discover the Heritage of Scotland
Meet Dr. Don Carney of Carney Heritage Productions Limited

Meet Dr. Don Carney

I am lucky enough to have been brought up on Drumnaheath Farm Leylodge Kintore in Aberdeenshire where over 300 years of my ancestors have lived. As someone who is culturally proud I wanted to capture on film the contribution the ordinary Scottish people in my community have made to Scottish life. What I have recorded in my 600 hour Scottish heritage archive is just how extraordinary my and your ancestors were. This video archive of unique Scottish film celebrates their contribution to Scotland’s identity. This is an authentic Scottish heritage website highlighting our culture.

Educational Resources: heritage films and DVDs capturing life in Scotland

Educational Resources

Our six Scottish heritage DVDs are all suitable for Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) teaching input at both primary and secondary level. Workshops and customised Scottish cultural resources on CfE inputs can be provided within all cognate teaching areas featuring digitised video clips related to Scottish cultural identity.

The Scots language and the Doric dialect will be used. More of our inputs are available on the SCRAN website. Scottish /Celtic Studies film can be supplied to University departments.

Consultancy: Custom themed heritage footage can be used in museums and visitor attractions


Carney Heritage can produce themed video clips for visitor attractions, museums and libraries on the heritage of Scotland. We can transform static displays with related Scottish culture on film, offer advice on how to integrate digitised heritage video within contemporary heritage management and provide advice to film producers on Scottish culture and the Doric dialect.

Community and Corporate Resources: Promote your rich Scottish background

Community & Corporate Resources

We can capture themed community events on digitised video. We specialise in the production of company history archive / promotion materials which bring a new personalised dynamic to the narrative story of your company success. We can integrate your company profile on film within your website. Don is an accomplished after dinner/ club & groups guest speaker. He will entertain you with stories about the Scottish culture he has filmed. He can also present an evening of musical entertainment stories and some card magic.

Family History: Discover your ancestors' way of life

Family History

We can provide digitised video clips showing how your Scottish ancestors lived and worked, reflecting life in Scotland from the late 1800s. This dynamic video footage can bring unique additionality to your narrative family tree. Customise your family history with footage of family memorabilia and significant geographic locations linked to your family background. We can help you make your own Who do you think you are film. Our commentaries can be in any world language including Gaelic.

Scottish Film Archive Categories

Scottish Film Archive

My Scottish cultural archive with 600 hours of unique, authentic Scottish heritage footage is categorised as follows.

  • Architecture
  • Clydesdale horse power
  • Collections
  • Domestic Technology
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Farming
  • Family Fishing
  • Music
  • Nature
  • People
  • Quarrying
  • Religion
  • Skills and trades
  • Sport
  • Superstition and Folk Lore
  • Transport and War

All digitised video clips capture aspects of a past Scottish society. All this material can have significant appeal to the Scottish Diaspora world wide.

Scottish Heritage Film on DVD

Scottish Heritage on DVD

The North East chart topping DVDs which are for sale on this Scottish heritage website each have a trailer giving a brief overview of their heritage contents. So before you buy any of the DVDs have a look at the streaming clip for each. All the DVDs are priced to include postage and packaging within the UK. For any orders out-with the UK please add £2 per DVD for postage and packaging.