A rare insight into Scotland’s past. Over 500 hours of digital film footage about how life was from 1890s – to the present day in rural Scotland. You can bring the dynamic of film to your Scottish family history which will show you how your Scottish ancestors lived and worked. We can also capture the history of your business for your archive.


The digital video clips are available for all Scottish schools via SCRANs digital portal. Many schools already use the validated educational resource  video clips to address the outcomes and experiences within the Curriculum for Excellence.

Visitor Attractions

Unique themed digital Scottish heritage video footage,  can be made available in any world language, for visitor attractions, museums and libraries on the heritage of Scotland. This can transform static displays with authentic, relevant digitised Scottish culture on film uniquely produced by Carney Heritage Productions.

Welcome To Carney Heritage Productions

“Far Oor Local History And Scots Language Comes The Gither!”

About this unique Scottish film archive

This Scottish Heritage website presents a digital film archive of footage which captures the cultural identity of the “ordinary” man and woman’s account of his/her life and work from the 1890s to the present day in Scotland.

The authentic digital video clips, allow you to connect with, and walk in the footsteps of your Scottish ancestors.

This unique Scottish heritage archive has received the highest academic and educational endorsements.

Carney Heritage Productions invite you to browse the brief Scottish video excerpts from this site and brouse  all our 2110 clip thumbnails and descriptions . Carney Heritage productions hope that you will find clips which interest you within our listings. From that point you can contact Don Carney at info@scottishheritage.co.uk to discuss your requirements. Our entire archive is for sale either as clips or in its entirety. We are really keen to have a conversation in relation to how we can make this collection more meaningful to you, whether at a personal, educational , visitor attraction, curatorial or business level.

Don Carney

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