Raising money uniquely for the Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland Charity

Scottish Heritage Blog

As you will know the pandemic has prevented normal fundraising for all charities. As a result, I as an award-winning Scottish heritage film maker decided to help raise money. I have produced a digital download about our Scottish ancestors and half of the £10 cost will go to the Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland charity. This campaign is running from July to September 2021.

Covid impact on charity fundraising

As you know money raised by charities come from many sources. I have been a commentator at various events including steam and vintage rallies for 20 years. These rallies in the past have raised a great deal of money for local and national charities. Fundraising opportunities have been missed for two years due to the Covid pandemic. therefore doing something to help was a good idea.

Get to know your ancestors

The 55-minute film called “A glimpse into Scotlands rich rural past” features for example—

  • the Horseman ploughing and the trophies he won as a highly skilled man
  • technologies of the 1940s
  • entertainment in the farm barn
  • lighting before electricity
  • typical farmhouse fire and butter and cheese making
  • the work of the blacksmith shoeing the Clydesdale
  • the life of the free-range hen.

After viewing these inputs you will understand the way our Scottish ancestors lived and worked a bit better. Perhaps we can learn from them.

Tell your friends

This unique way of fund-raising needs as much exposure as possible so it is important to tell as many people about this film as you can.  They will find out about their ancestors’ way of life so that they can get to know their ancestors a bit better. As a result their contribution will help a charity continue to do its vital work. Therefore you will be supporting people who are going through a lifetime health crisis.

To download the clip go to;  https://www.scottishheritage.co.uk/shop-digital-downloads-52-57-minute-clips/