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Unique collection

This film archive is unique in several ways. It features the ordinary people who have experienced a past way of life through living it. It utilises the Doric dialect of the Scots language. The authenticity of the material can boast of telling the true story of the past. The material, over 750 hours, within this Scottish heritage archive is one of the largest in the world – to date our DVDs have been distributed to 14 countries world wide. Our footage and cultural knowledge has featured in many television programmes nationally and internationally.

Walk in the footsteps of your ancestors

There are more Scots with ancestral connections to Scotland than there are Scottish people living in Scotland. Many of these Scots not living in Scotland are keen to find out about their ancestral past and our archive can facilitate this process quite easily. Go to the archive section within this website and look at the names of the clips.

Highest academic endorsements

This archive, and the heritage research involved together with my knowledge of Scotland’s past has been recognised through the award of the first PhD by public output of its kind in the world featuring video capture of heritage and speaking the Scots language. Within Scottish school education my work has also been critically appraised and has been deemed suitable to address the content of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence within every Scottish school. My work has received the following endorsement from an eminent professor. Emeritus Professor Henry Ellington of the Robert Gordon University and the person tasked with writing the book which was published in 2002, under the title ‘The Robert Gordon University – A History’ has made the following statement about Don Carney’s contribution, as a past academic at RGU, to our North East life “Indeed, the author would opine that he has probably done as much to promote and preserve knowledge and understanding of pre-1950’s NE rural life as Lewis Grassic Gibbon.”

Rare insight into Scotland’s past

Although most of the filming for this authentic heritage footage was filmed in the north east of Scotland the content equally applies to other parts of Scotland and the world. I am amazed that our DVDs go to, at the latest count, 14 countries world-wide. The reason for this is that we all share common aspects about our past. For example horse power has been used here in Aberdeenshire for over two hundred years before tractors were invented. The type of horse used was the Clydesdale. Other parts of the world used their own favoured breed of horse to power their agricultural requirements. The entertainment we enjoyed in the 1920s in the farm buildings included music, song and stories. The words may be in a different language but they speak about the same common things. Music crosses all world boundaries. So Scotland’s past has a shared place with other cultures. We are “all Jock Tamsons Bairns the world ower”

DVDs and specially commissioned work available

Our archive clips are all digitised into discrete content features. This allows us to offer to you a vast choice which you can customise for your own enjoyment. Just go to our archive listing to view all our clip names. Please feel free to contact us for more details about the content of your preferred clips, so that you can be assured that what you want to purchase is indeed the material which you want. Our Pictir Hoose heading will feature short samples which will give you an idea of our work. We can easily show you a short sample in our Pictir Hoose of the clips you may want to purchase. Having all our archive digitised allows us to meet your particular requirements.

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