Scottish heritage on Film
Scottish Heritage on Film

 Scottish heritage film archive — a new heritage asset with a significant reputation

This authentic Scottish heritage film archive and stills collection started in the 1980s. It was never envisaged that it would emerge 34 years later with a reputation for unique storytelling about Scotland’s rich heritage. Clips through business sponsorship are made available to every Scottish schools as validated educational resources. Content from the archive has featured in national and international tv programmes.

We are about to launch a series of digital download clips

Carney Heritage Productions are about to launch our digital download clips to purchase. These come in various lengths and have various price point. They will also offer a choice of theme which will help you to get to know more about your ancestors. The legacy our ancestor left us is such a valuable asset and their achievements are showcased in these clips.

Satisfying diverse contemporary requirements

Visitor attractions feature our clips to tell their story. Family historians source our clips to bring the dynamic of film to their family tree. Various topic DVDs have been retailed to thirteen countries. Our clips also feature in world leading archives. Further and higher education also use our footage as research resources for their courses. Our clips have an exciting future within AI. So the ordinary persons story is making a significant contribution to present users. Future utility of our digitised clips has a bright and exciting outlook.

Our clips can make a valuable contribution to companies Corporate Social Responsibility policies

If your company wish to “give something back” to your local/ national communities that is of significance and meaning we can help you do this. You may wish to sponsor clips for Scottish education. We can introduce you to 704 thousand pupils. Some of these pupils will become your employees. Getting to make contact with them through our validated educational clips must be a viable option to consider. Your customers and staff will have children so your sponsorship of our clips has relevance for these key stakeholders in your company. 

Sponsorship for dementia patients is something which can enhance your reputation.

Dementia is one of todays urgent problems in health care. Our clips can take dementia patients back to a time that they remember. Sponsoring clips for such patients and carers (family or professional) can make a significant difference to the quality of life for the patient and their family. You can be part of that innovatory caring provision. Your status and reputation as someone who really cares about serious everyday situations will be showcased to advantage.

Our Scottish heritage film and stills archive.

This Scottish heritage film archive is a unique collection of heritage footage and stills. The material captures the cultural identity of the ordinary man and woman’s account of his/her life and work from 1890s -1960s in Scotland. The digital Scottish heritage clips  allows you to connect with, and enables you to walk in the footsteps of your Scottish ancestors. This heritage archive by Carney Heritage Productions also enjoys the highest academic and educational endorsements.

An authentic account of our Scottish past

This unique cultural archive is a rare insight into Scotland’s past. The Carney Heritage Productions  archive has 500 hours of footage about how life was from 1890s – 1950s in rural Scotland. Don Carney was proud of his ancestors that inspired him to produce this unique digital film archive.

The story told by the real experts, your ancestors

So in the 1980s he decided to hire a video camera and try to capture what the ordinary people have achieved. The commentary featured the Doric dialect which can be understood by any English speaker. The Doric was Dons first language and has served oor north east of Scotland ancestors much longer than English has done. It is still the dialect of many parts of Aberdeenshire. It is one of the few things which distinguishes us from other locations within the world.

Ordinary people share the same things

Carney Heritage Productions  had  6 DVD titles. These have been retailed to most parts of the world for people to enjoy. This highlights the fact that where ever we are we are ” Ah Jock Tamsons’ Bairns”. We can turn on the television tonight and see a programme featuring people who live on the banks of the Ganges river doing their washing on a stone. This is similar to the technique used here in Scotland during the 1930s. Washing was done by rubbing the clothes not on a stone but on a washboard. Both processes are similar and both processes share the same outcome.

New technology and digitisation makes this archive unique

All the footage within this Scottish Heritage film archive  archive has been digitised into discrete 2110 clips. Each clip has its own computer data base. This allows all the digitised clips to be easily accessed. It also futureproofs this significant Scottish heritage asset, All our 6000 stills are also digitised. This digital archive is the only new heritage asset which has been developed in recent times. The work of digitising an hour of footage takes 5 hours to do. It has taken Don 3250 hours of work to digitise the archive.

Innovation has necessitated self funding the project 

Don has produced and managed this archive himself and has funded the activity predominately from his own savings. As an innovator in the heritage field and the producer of something new he does not fit into any contemporary establishment funding criteria. As a result, Carney Heritage Productions cannot get funding to safeguard this archive for the future. If you think saving oor Scottish heritage is important become one of our sponsors.

Local sponsors

Mr Bert McIntosh of McIntosh Plant Hire in Aberdeenshire and Mr Derek Nicol of Nicol of Skene also in Aberdeenshire are two local businessmen. They like Don Carney thinks preserving our past heritage is of vital importance. They have sponsored validated digital educational Scottish Heritage on Film clips which are now available to every Scottish school. This unique archive footage enjoys the highest endorsements as an accurate  and authentic record and a legacy of oor rich Scottish heritage. Told by the ordinary person.

Meet Dr Don Carney (Dr Doric)

Farming background

This Scottish Heritage on Film archive was created because I am lucky enough to have been brought up on Drumnaheath Farm Leylodge Kintore in Aberdeenshire where over 300 years of my ancestors have lived. As someone who is culturally proud I wanted to capture on film the contribution the ordinary Scottish people in my community have made to Scottish life.

Giving our ancestors their voice

What I have recorded in my 500 hour Scottish heritage archive is just how extraordinary my and your ancestors were. This digitised video archive of unique Scottish film celebrates their contribution to Scotland’s identity. This is an authentic Scottish heritage website highlighting oor culture.

Professional background

By profession I started off life as a chef and I then went into Hospitality management. Along the way I was always keen on education and furthering my desire to learn. After some 15 years of continuous evening and day release education I ended my career a lecturer at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen in hospitality and tourism management.

Dr Doric

Through my unique work in Scottish heritage, as a result of his project, I was awarded the first PhD of its kind in the world featuring video capture of heritage and speaking the Scots language utilising the Doric dialect.

People are interested in their past

I have presented several dozen academic papers and academic text on the work I have done in capturing heritage on film at many national and international academic conferences. I have featured on five television programmes in America and many documentary type television programmes in the UK about my work. Each time I released a new DVD they competed in the top ten DVD charts of the north east of Scotland with Star Trek, Daniel O’ Donnell and the pop stars of the time. This shows that my style of presenting authentic Scottish heritage, all filmed in the North East of Scotland has a diverse local, national and international audience all interested in our rich Scottish culture.

Our digital download platform will soon be available

We at Carney Heritage Productions took the decision to produce digital downloadable clips. These will be available in the near future. Customers will have a selection of topics to choose from. Customers can also search our data base for clips that they would wish to purchase. This gives the the opportunity to have clips unique to their requirements.

Our unique digital download topic clips will be available soon from our shop

Our Scottish Heritage Film Archive content consists of 512 hours of footage made into 2.300 individual clips.

Digital downloads comming soon to suit your requirements

We supply clips as

  1. educational resources for Scottish schools, colleges and universities
  2. visitor attraction inputs
  3. corporate resources for recording your companies history
  4. family history footage to enhance your ancestral background
  5. dementia patients stimuli to be used by professional or family careers
  6. business sponsorship packages for educational resources or clips for dementia sufferers. If this interest you please contact Don by email
  7.  customised digital downloadable clips from our archive listing to meet your requirements


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A new and validated educational resource for Scottish schools

Our Scottish heritage film archive with educational resource has been validated as being suitable for every Scottish school to meet the requirements of the Curriculum for Excellence.

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The dynamic of film for visitor interpretation

See how our Scottish Heritage film archive clips can be used within your visitor attraction to bring enjoyment, entertainment and authentic Scottish heritage to your attraction

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Your companies story is worth capturing on film

Part of what Carney Heritage Productions offer companies in the Aberdeenshire area is to record their company history on film. This can be enhance your website and contribute to more effective marketing. 

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Get to know your ancestors better

Clips from our unique Scottish heritage film archive can show you how YOUR Scottish ancestors lived and worked. They will bring you closer to YOUR past and enable you to walk in your ancestors footsteps.