Sale of authentic and unique digital film clips about Scotland’s past featuring the ordinary people their life and work from the late 1800s to the present day

This unique film archive described here relates to rural life in Aberdeenshire and Scotland. You will find a complete PDF file listing, description and duration of the each of our 2110 digitised clips within this sales package. You will also find within this sales package thumbnails and clip titles of all our archive footage. If you wish to find out more about the archive you can contact Don at or browse our website

Sponsorship opportunities
If you wish to sponsor clips to be hosted and managed by Historic Environment Scotland who will make the clips available to schools, colleges, universities and libraries pan Scotland through their digital learning website please contact Don at to discuss a  sponsorship package which will suit your level of donation. You also can have the opportunity to nominate your own preferred recipient of the clips you sponsor.

These clips are taken from a unique digitised film archive created over 32 years by Don Carney a local man to the Aberdeenshire area. The archive which is for sale contains over 500 hours of unique footage about how the ordinary people lived and worked in rural Aberdeenshire. Although all the footage was filmed in Aberdeenshire the clips reflect how a Scottish society lived during the late 1800s to the present time. Through his ecommerce site DVDs made from clips within this archive have been distributed to 13 countries world wide. Dons authentic clips and his knowledge of oor heritage has featured in many TV appearances locally, nationally and internationally. The work Don has done in the production of this archive has featured in many academic papers and academic text nationally and internationally. For his innovatory work in this field of scholarly research he has been awarded with the first PhD of its kind in the world featuring the capture of Scottish heritage on film and utilising the Scots language and the Doric dialect.

The commentary and the respondents narrative is predominantly done in the Doric dialect of Aberdeenshire. This dialect can be easily understood by any English speaker. The clips are an authentic capture of how our ancestors lived and worked. There are no actors used in the clips but Don features the ordinary people telling their story their way and showing first hand how the past used to be for them and their ancestors.

Who may be interested in this archive?
The ordinary person can utilise the clips to allow them to connect with their past. Our Scottish ancestors travelled all over the world taking their culture with them. For any Scottish people living abroad who had Scottish ancestors these clips represent how their ancestors lived and worked and can take the viewer closer to their ancestral roots and life style.

Visitor attractions can feature the dynamic of film to portray Scottish heritage to their visitors in a very contemporary way. Clips can easily be listed for menu self selection and individualised display as all the clips are digitised ready for immediate access and showing. It is simple to have the commentary in any language of the world to suit your/ or your visitor requirements.

Academics and researchers can utilise these clips as unique primary resources in the study of linguistics, ethnology, heritage, family history, ancestral tourism and culture. The clips of Scottish culture can be compared to clips recorded anywhere else in the world which will enable the academic and the researcher to draw striking comparisons and similarities between ordinary peoples lives the world over.

School education can also benefit from the clips as clips are already made available to every Scottish school through educational networks in place. All clips supplied to schools meet the requirement of the Curriculum for Excellence and allows teachers to meet their statutory and professional obligations in class.

Museums, libraries and art organisations can also utilise the clips as part of their digitised provision. In this way they can build capacity and reach new audiences who wish to access and consume heritage/culture 24/7. The digitised clips facilitate this contemporary requirement.

Social care organisations can utilise the clips as reminiscence resources for dementia and elderly clients. The clips enable the client to relate to a past time in their lives, and for a short time takes them back to their old self.

Funding support If you are interested in acquiring materials from this archive then you may be eligible for heritage lottery funding.
The following quote is taken from the HLF website all apply to this archive.

“Heritage can mean different things to different people.

It can be anything from the past that you value and want to pass on to future generations.

As a guide, this could include:

  • oral history
  • cultural traditions
  • nature
  • natural and designed landscapes
  • community archaeology
  • historic buildings, monuments and environments
  • collections of objects, books or documents in museums, libraries or archives
  • histories of people and communities or places and events
  • the heritage of languages and dialects
  • places and objects linked to our industrial, maritime and transport history”

The clips have significant endorsements one such endorsement is included here.

Emeritus Professor Henry Ellington of the Robert Gordon University and the person tasked with writing the book which was published in 2002, under the title ‘The Robert Gordon University – A History’ has made the following statement about Don Carneys contribution, as a past academic at RGU, to our North East life.

“Indeed, the author would confirm that Don has probably done as much to promote and preserve knowledge and understanding of pre-1950’s NE rural life as Lewis Grassic Gibbon.”

Dr Don Carney

Meet Dr Don Carney (Dr Doric)

I am lucky enough to have been brought up on Drumnaheath Farm Leylodge Kintore in Aberdeenshire where over 300 years of my ancestors have lived. As someone who is culturally proud I wanted to capture on film the contribution the ordinary Scottish people in my community have made to Scottish life. What I have recorded in my 500 hour Scottish heritage archive is just how extraordinary my and your ancestors were. This video archive of unique Scottish film celebrates their contribution to Scotland’s identity. This is an authentic Scottish heritage website highlighting oor culture.

By profession I started off life as a chef and I then went into Hospitality management. Along the way I was always keen on education and furthering my desire to learn. I finally was a lecturer at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen in hospitality and tourism management.

Through my work in Scottish heritage, as a result of his project, I was awarded the first PhD of its kind in the world featuring video capture of heritage and speaking the Scots language utilising the Doric dialect. I have presented several dozen academic papers on the work I have done in capturing heritage on film at many national and international academic conferences. I have featured on five television programmes in America and four documentary type television programmes in the UK about my work. Each time I release a new DVD they compete in the top ten DVD charts of the north east of Scotland with Star Trek, Daniel O’ Donnell and the pop stars of the time. This shows that my style of presenting authentic Scottish heritage, all filmed in the North East of Scotland has a diverse local, national and international audience all interested in our rich Scottish culture. My DVDs are retailed through my e commerce site to at least fourteen countries world-wide.

The content on this web-site is drawn from an archive consisting of 500 hours of footage and is presented in 4 main sections – educational resources, visitor attractions, corporate & community resources and family history. We have 6 x 55 minute clips, 5x 30 minute clips and 4 x 15 minute clips all about Scotlands heritage.

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